This page contains all of the information of all forms of adrianchi1234.


Shortened to 'Adrian'he is one of the main antagonists of TUEXEA. He is first seen watching MrMinecraftMan404 testing out a new "chemical bomb", which was scheduled to be used to destroy the home of the .EXE's.

Adrian, in Part 2, asks MrMinecraftMan404, who was scolding StrayberryFilling, Kennithball and Spiffy for nearly getting themselves killed after Creepypasta Horror MrMinecraftMan404.EXE's jumpscare, where Jacob was.

In Part 3, Adrian is called by MrMinecraftMan404 to execute MrMinecraftMan404.EXE, who was being interrogated about Jacob's disappearance. After realizing that his gun was a fake (which was rigged by Creeperman448), he is teased by MrMinecraftMan404.EXE.

First appearance: Part 1

Tone: 80

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