This page includes information about all MMM404 forms.



The main antagonist of TUEXEA, he leads the normal forms of all Scratchers/Logos to put an end to the .EXE rebellion.

MrMinecraftMan404 possesses a look similar to the former Cartoon Network logo, with red and green colours and the letters replaced with "M"s using the "Donegal" text on Scratch.

He, along with AceOfGames14, train the BLU Army (first introduced in Part 5) to fight for the normal forms. However, shown from the "chaos", MrMinecraftMan404 is not much of a good trainer.

The Decountryizer was suggested as an idea by 4804094646 on Scratch.

First Appearance: Part 1

Tone: 80

MrMinecraftMan404 is also sometimes voiced by Rick May (the TF2 Soldier) in Part 7 as a command for the BLU Army to charge, and Nathan Vetterlein (the TF2 Scout) in Part 6, after seeing a severely injured Jacob.


One of the main protagonists, he attempts to put the normal forms' reign to a stop for good. He is first seen after having a horrible nightmare in his sleep.

MrMinecraftMan404.EXE possesses similar looks to the Normal Form, except he has red eyes and a ".EXE" text using the "Helvetica" text on Scratch.

Unlike MrMinecraftMan404, he is a better trainer, as the RED Army is well organised.

He is captured by MrMinecraftMan404 to be interrogated about Jacob's recent disappearance in Part 4, and is freed by CreeperMan448, who renounces the works of the Normal Scratchers / Logos. He and CreeperMan448 fight AceOfGames14 and Spiffy in an "Angry Birds Epic" style battle.

First Appearance: Part 1

Tone: 60

MrMinecraftMan404.EXE is voiced by Rick May (the TF2 Soldier) when commanding the RED Army to attack.

Creepypasta Horror MrMinecraftMan404.EXEEdit

Brother of MrMinecraftMan404.EXE, Creepypasta Horror MrMinecraftMan404.EXE is mostly known for having serious stress problems, and a short temper.

He despises the normal forms, which is shown in Part 2 when he jumpscares some of the normal forms for laughing at him when he had a "Kick Me" note on his back.

First Appearance: Part 2

Tone: 50

Super Charged MrMinecraftMan404.EXEEdit

Not much is known of him, but in the beginning of Part 5, he is seen to be quite into newspapers. He is seen reading the "Daily .EXE" when Spiffy and Super Charged Shadow Projects fight over the sandvich.

He, along with the Super Charged forms of Adrian, Jacob, Strayberry and AceOfGames14, jumpscare Spiffy.

First Appearance: Part 5

Tone: 40

Mega Ultra Charged MrMinecraftMan404.EXEEdit

He never appeared in TUEXEA yet, but he might in Part 8